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29 January 2016

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  1. sundeep varma

    falak sir please release album of u… im fan of you i love your voice. minimum release atleast every 3 months 1 album

  2. I got scammed last year of $500 aud when I had organized to purchase a sencodhand iPad 2. I was stupid enough to trust in her as she sounded legit. Saga went on for a full year, woman would still replies to me even now yet never did I receive what I paid for. Learned the hard way on that one, not even the police could help. Be wary of those selling iPads, always pick up and pay for in person, trust no one.

    1. YAY DC Mo!!dnre! Yes, I am biased, since I'm a member here :)Last year I made one quilt to donate, and this year, I am hoping to finish two in time! I'm still a bit slow!

  3. Hi GuysUnderstand that chef has broken his razor (that old chestnut!)and the grandchildren have been offered prize money for the first to spot him on arrival, as none of us has any idea what he will look like with a full face of hair! Charlotte (age was a little confused though, as she thought that it was the captain that had to wear the beard and felt sure it was only right that Tom grew one too! (Sorry Karen this wasn’t meant to give him an excuse.)Lovin your blog. Keep up the good work.Helen x

    1. yari…il wok di ghisa a me l’hanno regalato, però puoi provare in casalinghi molto forniti tipo medagliani a milano oppure nei negozi etnici o alle fimokerea…gemellina in temperature!!!!! anch’io voglio il freddo, i guanti e il cappellino. e poi a me il caldo piace solo se sono su una spiaggia e per massimo una settimana…;-D

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